CHP Capt. DeLong Retires

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Capt. Dan DeLong, commander of the Victorville CHP station, will retire this month after a 29-year career.

He played an important part in a series of enforcement operations and other actions that are making local roads safer for us all. Capt. DeLong was especially helpful in operations along Highway 395. He graduated the CHP academy in March, 1991 and spent years in the Central Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Riverside area offices before promoting to the rank of Sergeant in August, 2004 where he was assigned to the Central Los Angeles area. As a CHP Lieutenant he served as coordinator for SANCATT, the San Bernardino County Auto Theft Taskforce.

In 2017, he promoted to the rank of Captain in December, becoming the commander of the Victorville Area, where he will finish his career.

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