Victor Valley College Opens Doors to Student Services Center

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Victor Valley College’s long-awaited Student Services Center was bustling with activity and excitement throughout its first day open to the public on Thursday, January 23.

While the Grand Opening Ceremony is planned for February 7, the building is now officially open to students, and those who have already visited are sharing positive reviews.

Sienna Bullock was the first student to be served in the new building, showing up before it opened at 8 a.m. to visit the Bursar’s Office.

“It was a really good environment. People were welcoming me, (the Bursar, Jolyn Harvey) was congratulating me. It felt good,” said Bullock, a biology major in her third semester at VVC. “I loved the modern look, the lighting — even the color scheme. It’s so big and pretty.”

The 27,000-square foot center serves as the “One Stop” for student services, including Admissions & Records, Assessment, ACCESS, Bursar’s Office, CalWORKS, Career Center, Counseling, EOPS, Financial Aid and the Transfer Center. This enables the departments to increase efficiency in helping students.

“It’s been a lot easier to have everyone in one building,” said Student Services Specialist Hazina Williams, explaining that before, she’d often have to direct or walk students over to another building if they needed something taken care of at another department, such as Financial Aid. “Now everything is right here … It’s a really great set up.”

The new “front door” of VVC faces Bear Valley Road and features tall pillars, the college name and a window graphic which reads “STUDENT SUCCESS BEGINS HERE.”

It’s a “point of entry” for all new students, Executive Director of Facilities and Operations Steve Garcia said.

“We’ve never really had a face — structurally — for the community to say, ‘That’s Victor Valley College, and that’s where you need to go,’” Garcia said. “It’s something that’s iconic and the intake functions are housed in one place, making it very customer-friendly and efficient.”

When students entered the building on Thursday, they were first greeted by friendly Rambassadors, VVC student employees who assist and peer mentor students.

“We’re mainly guiding people today to help them find where they need to go,” said Rambassador Naomi Fowler. “I thought it was going to be crazy today, but I was surprised with how smooth everything has been going and how fast the departments are going through the lines.”

Fowler also commented that she and many of the students she helped on Thursday are enjoying the welcoming environment and aesthetics of the building.

“I like how bright it is,” she said. “It’s also super open, which is really nice.”

Also at each entrance of the building is a large, interactive and user-friendly kiosk available for student use.

The Student Services Center is in full operation in time for the start of the Spring semester, which begins February 18.

The Grand Opening Ceremony will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on February 7. Tours of the new building will be led by campus dignitaries and Rambassadors and lunch will be provided for all attendees.

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