Spring Valley Lake Voters to Decide on CSD

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– Voters in Spring Valley Lake will decide in November whether water, sewer, street sweeping and trash collection services should be handled by a locally controlled Community Services District. The Local Agency Formation Commission voted unanimously to put the proposal to voters and approved a report that found the CSD would be fiscally viable and able to maintain current service levels. The LAFCO report also found that the CSD would provide for the long-range planning necessary to provide for a higher level of service in the future.

If voters approve the ballot measure, existing CSA 64 services would transfer over to a new Community Services District elected by Spring Valley Lake voters.

The LAFCO report conclusion reads in part, “The current proposal for the Commission’s consideration, in reality, is fairly straightforward – a transfer of existing CSA 64 services (with minor exceptions) to a new Community Services District that offers residents increased local control through a locally elected Board of Directors … As outlined in the financial discussion within this report, the proposed CSD’s five-year financial forecast demonstrates the CSD is fiscally viable.” To read the report, click on http://www.sbcounty.gov/uploads/LAFCO/AgendaNotices/20200219/Item_10.pdf 

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