Dream Catcher Program Helps Students with Career Readiness and Finding Their Purpose in the High Desert and Beyond


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)— Future N Focus- Dream Catcher Enterprises has announced their new curriculum, Dream Catcher. The curriculum is geared towards a variety of educational and community based organizations- from school districts serving grades 7th-12th, charter schools, Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, community colleges, non-profit organizations and more. The program has helped students across California, including right here in the High Desert at local organizations such as Goodwill Southern California in Victorville.

“Dream Catcher is designed to help people do just that: catch their dreams,” said CEO and Founder Steve Ward. “They are going to discover their purpose and align their purpose with the most appropriate career path.”

The curriculum in an eight lesson, interactive journey designed for both online and classroom based instruction. It is built around interactive questions, games, activities groups and for individuals, employability skill videos and activities: all designed to engage the student and spark intrinsic motivation.

As important as the focus is on career readiness and workforce development,  the first focus is on developing people. If we can develop and find a students’ unique and individual purpose, then that gives us a foundation to build on. Helping in developing students whom are intrinsically motivated and  purpose driven, we are helping in creating students more career ready and able to enter the workforce and to become productive, caring members in our communities.

Ward created the program with a wealth of experience, ranging from working in group homes to Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S.). He realized a reoccurring theme with the troubled youth in our society today: a lack of vision and purpose. From seeing the residents in a group home to seeing the outcome while answering emergency services calls, it all comes down individuals that were never able to find their purpose.

“I had a blurry vision of what I wanted to do, I know I wanted to be in finance but didn’t know how to achieve anything,” said Christopher Gonzalez, a former student who utilized Dream Catcher during his high school educational journey. “Dream Catcher really helped me by asking me the right questions and finding the best path to where I wanted to go. Today, that is being an entrepreneur.”

Dream Catcher has a multi-faceted, transmedia approach to learning. By including online assessments, videos, an online mock interview, as well as in class curriculum, we believe it better engages a student and helps them to become more motivated for their future and self-discovery. Additionally, Dream Catcher includes a Learning Management System (LMS) backend for teachers, parents and administrators to monitor, support and encourage students throughout the curriculum. Dream Catcher provides students and teachers with outside resources, local employers, training, labor market information, and direct contact with the next step along their educational journey.

Dream Catcher is currently being used in a number of schools and non-profit organizations across Southern California with amazing results.  For more information on Dream Catcher, and to schedule a meeting with our of our representatives, visit https://www.dreamcatcherprogram.com/.

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