‘Endomorphism’ Now on Display at RAFFMA through May

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art (RAFFMA) at California State University, San Bernardino began 2020 with the exhibition “Endomorphism” by David B. Jang.

The exhibition, which opened on Feb. 1, will run until Saturday, May 9.

Jang’s exhibition presents a dynamic, captivating and highly engaging combination of installation and two-dimensional works. His three installations will immerse visitors from the moment they enter the museum. His “Compression Panorama,” installed in the museum’s entranceway, is composed of vibrating plastic bottles, while his “Prevaricate” takes an off-the-shelf product, the portable fan, and literally turns it on its head. Lastly, in “Aerial Wave” viewers will be exposed to the continuous sound of a radio station changing channels. Together with his two-dimensional works, made from colorful metal strips of re-purposed soda cans, the artist creates playful, interactive, and thought-provoking environments that engage the viewer with mass-produced objects in ingenious, inventive and craftily subversive ways.

Jang focuses on multidisciplinary, kinetic and electronic-based artwork. His art practice uses found objects to articulate the countervailing forces inherent in the everyday; expansion and contraction, perfection and imperfection, force and balance, to have and have not. His process can be described as an exacting, fanciful, even obsessive re-appropriation of common materials — one in which he deconstructs, re-programs and re-constitutes industrial and commercial cast-offs to reveal new relationships between the object and the viewer.

Ultimately, Jang’s work is about survival, or what he refers to as “life tactics.” For him, survival requires the transformation and maintenance of continuous order, and order means harnessing energy. But because energy and matter cannot be destroyed, only transformed, his works engage in this reality by maintaining a constant state of motion, transforming and transferring themselves over time. A process in which the work is never realized in its final form, but just like our body, is continuously progressing.

David B. Jang has exhibited both nationally and internationally at several museums and galleries, including: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Laguna Art Museum; Museum of Art and History; Torrance Art Museum; Los Angeles International Airport; Nagasaki Museum of Fine Art, Japan; Paju Kyoha Art Center, Korea; Shone-show Gallery, China; Heritage Art Center, Philippines; Locust Projects, Miami; AAF, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada.

He has been featured in several publications, such as Miami New Times, Wall Street International, Huffington Post Arts, Art Ltd., Korean American Magazine, ARTPULSE, Artillery, KCET Artbound, Coagula Art Journal, California Contemporary Art Magazine, and Art Week LA.

“Endomorphism”  is accompanied by the exhibit, “Golden West? Jan Sawka’s California Dream,”  which also opened Feb. 1 and  will run until May 9.

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