A Note from Supervisor Lovingood: Celebration in Times of Uncertainty

By Supervisor Robert Lovingood

(Victor Valley)– We are living through unsettling times. COVID-19 has claimed the lives and health of our fellow Americans in every corner of our Nation. Yet in times of fear and war and now this public health epidemic, we, as Americans, have a long history of standing strong, sustained by God.

So with the approach of Easter Sunday and Passover, I send you my best wishes for a joyful holiday. Easter marks Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for all mankind and his resurrection. And the eight days of Passover celebrate God’s liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Yes, there is reason to celebrate.

Surgeon General Adams said this week that he absolutely expects U.S. deaths from coronavirus will be lower than earlier projections. That is due in part to Americans implementing social distancing and wearing of face coverings. But sadly, there are examples of people not following these reasonable practices. Several weeks ago, one out-of-town visitor, unaware he was carrying COVID-19, attended a funeral in Albany, Georgia, a relatively remote town of 75,000. The lack of precautions helped spread coronavirus throughout the community. Today, on a per-capita basis, Albany ranks fourth among the worst hit cities in the country.

So please take precautions seriously. The San Bernardino County Public Health Officer has issued a directive on the use of face coverings in public as well as on how houses of worship should make every effort to prevent contact between congregants. For details, click on www.sbcounty.gov. Many houses of worship are offering streaming services. For a list, click on https://www.facebook.com/SupervisorLovingood/photos/pb.210739675782317.-2207520000../1331742033682070/?type=3&theater

This Easter and Passover season, let us find strength in our faith and thank God for His blessings as we show our love and kindness to others.

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