Important FAQs Regarding the Opening this weekend of County Parks and Recreation Areas

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– In accordance with a County Health Order signed today (view order here), starting on Saturday, April 25, the County of San Bernardino is opening County-operated parks and lakes and allowing the opening of city-owned and private parks, lakes, trails, and golf courses on a limited scale for passive recreation.  We recognize that a great part of our overall health depends on our ability to enjoy the outdoors, and our county has some of the greatest recreational opportunities in all of Southern California. The following Frequently Asked Questions address the re-opening, and are available on the County’ COVID-19 website. Further questions can be directed to individual facilities, or the County’s COVID helpline at (909) 387-3911. We will do our best to address other questions in future updates.

What is opening?

All County owned parks, trails, and lakes will be open for passive recreation on a limited scale.

The County is also allowing the opening of city and privately owned parks, trails, lakes and golf courses.  Please check with individual facilities regarding their plans to open.

What is ‘passive recreation’?

Passive recreation means that our San Bernardino County residents can enjoy individual activities like wildlife observation, walking or hiking, biking, boating, and participating in non-contact sports like golf or tennis with members of their households.

Who can use parks, trails, lakes, and golf courses in San Bernardino County?

Although San Bernardino County’s recreation areas are usually open to everyone, every American is being asked to respect the guidelines of individual states and municipalities. To meet the Stay at Home guidelines for the State of California, we are asking that residents stay within the boundaries of their residing counties to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of COVID-19.  In other words, at this time we are strongly discouraging out-of-county residents from visiting our outdoor recreation areas.

What is the safety mandate for visiting these outdoor areas?

All facilities will adhere to the mandate of practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings.

All facilities open to the public must add signage advising visitors that social distancing and face coverings are required.

If you are planning to visit our outdoor spaces, understand that restrooms and many businesses in and near these sites will remain closed. Short-term rentals continue to be closed, and restaurants are only available for take-out.

Facility operators assume responsibility and liability for operating under the County health order.

What outdoor venues remain closed?

The following outdoor recreational facilities are mandated to remain closed:

– Outdoor amphitheaters

-Public or community swimming beaches, pools, and spas

-Campgrounds or camp areas

-Note: Camping in open areas of the County, such as those managed by the U.S. Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management, is allowable only by individual campers and members of households. Group camping is not allowed

-Amusement parks or carnivals

-Outdoor conference centers


What activities are allowed?



-Rock climbing

-Skateboarding (where allowed)

-Tennis, pickleball and racquetball (where allowed, and only by those who share a household)

-Wildlife observation

-Dog parks

-Parking in parking lots for passive recreation activity

What facilities are not open?  What activities are not allowed?

The following remain closed due to state mandates related to public gatherings.


-Picnic/BBQ areas

-Camping areas

-Basketball courts and baseball/softball/soccer fields for team activities

Can I visit with friends in the park if we maintain social distancing and wear masks?

Public gatherings outside your immediate household are not allowed.


What activities are allowed?

-Boating (motor boats, canoeing, kayaking where allowed, and only by those who share a household)


-Water skiing

-Fishing (by boat and by shore)

-Parking in parking lots for passive recreation activity

What facilities are not open?  What activities are not allowed?

The following are closed due to state mandates related to public gatherings.

-Swim beaches

-On-premise dining facilities or restaurants (take-out is allowed)


Can I have people in my boat?

In line with public gathering mandates, immediate household members are allowed in one boat.

Will marinas be able to rent boats?

Boat-rental businesses will remain closed.


What activities are allowed?

-Off-road and dirt trails for hiking, biking and 4x4ing (where allowed)

-Equestrian activities

-Hang gliding

-Rock climbing

Golf Courses

What activities are allowed?


-Take-out dining

What activities are not allowed?

-Golf tournaments and other fund-raising events

What facilities are not open? 

-Clubhouses and restaurants


-Swimming pools

-Hair and nail salons and spas

How will these measures be enforced?

Operators of recreational areas, including golf courses, shall monitor activity and advise those who are not complying with safe practices to do so. If compliance cannot be achieved, facilities will be closed. If widespread noncompliance occurs, the passive recreation allowance will be rescinded countywide.

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