Innovation in Times of Need

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Difficult times in history often evoke innovation, change, and a spirit of kindness. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a disruptive force, not only in our personal lives, but in the lives of people all over the world. COVID- 19 continues to push us around causing us to alter our lives down to the very core. The simple act of going to the store has become increasingly difficult, and some of the most common commodities we take for granted have become depleted. The items that seem to have taken a big hit are cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, and general hygiene/cleaning products. The rapid flux of consumption has surpassed the industry’s ability to meet the demand.

Through a series of coincidental conversations and partnerships between two members of the San Bernardino County Incident Management Team and three local businesses, an innovative proposal and product was born. Sysco of Riverside, Citrus Grove Distillery of Claremont, and Arrowhead Water Company of San Bernardino have all joined forces to address a gap in the system and produce hand sanitizer. Sysco donated 750 pounds of sugar to Citrus Grove Distillery. The distillery is donating their time and work to turn the sugar into hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer will ultimately be packaged into 950 8oz bottles donated by the Arrowhead Water Company. Madelyn Dillion, manager of Citrus Grove Distillery, said, “We want to be able to help our first responders on the front lines.” Should the public wish to support this endeavor, Citrus Grove Distillery has established a gofundmeaccount. The money raised will offset the cost of the bottling and allow for the hand sanitizer to be delivered at no cost.

It is in times of need and despair where people think outside of the proverbial box and find unique and innovative ways to overcome obstacles. Through this partnership between these local businesses our first responders can be better protected and able to provide the best emergency services to the citizens of our county.

We thank and applaud the kindness of these entities that came together in a time of need. Examples like this truly prove that together, we shall get through this.

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