County Residents Urged to Not Avoid Hospitals, Keep Doctor Visits

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Like others around the nation, many San Bernardino County residents have delayed important doctor visits and even surgeries because of state-mandated restrictions or their own fears of contracting COVID-19. County health officials say it is now time to consider scheduling such appointments.

Medical experts say it is especially important for parents with young children to avoid skipping routine medical examinations and critical vaccinations.

On April 22, Gov. Newsom relaxed his stay-at-home order to allow hospitals and doctors to resume performing elective surgeries, which had previously been suspended due to COVID-19 concerns. Such surgeries often address serious conditions such as kidney stones or cancer treatments, and further delaying them could have serious medical consequences.

“It is important that those citizens with pressing health care needs get the help they need at their local health care facilities,” said Dr. Troy Pennington, emergency room physician at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. “Your health is essential, even during a pandemic. Our hospitals are safe and prepared to handle your medical needs. Postponing or neglecting your health care can have short and long-term detrimental effects on your health.”

Begin by contacting your doctor. Our County physicians appreciate their patients’ concerns regarding infection, and many offices are taking steps to minimize risks of contracting the virus — ranging from moving patients immediately into private rooms to asking them to wait in their cars until their doctor is ready to see them.

It is particularly important for parents to maintain their children’s routine medical visits. Pediatricians across the U.S. are seeing a steep drop in the number of children coming in for appointments, and they argue that it’s essential they not miss crucial vaccination shots. Diseases like measles actually can pose greater risks to young children than the coronavirus, and children who fail to get vaccinated can later spread the disease to others.

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