Important Tips for Face Coverings in Hot Weather

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– While wearing a face covering is essential to help limit spread of the coronavirus, we would all agree it’s not particularly enjoyable for anyone. Moreover, face coverings can become even more uncomfortable during hot weather — which is now here in San Bernardino County.

Unfortunately, hot weather does not mitigate the need for face coverings when you are in public. While it is highly unlikely you will be exposed to the virus if you are outdoors and socially distanced, having a face covering with you is an act of solidarity and courtesy, letting everyone know you are trying to be respectful, smart, and safe. So here are some tips to make wearing one less unpleasant.

Be smart when you wear a face covering. While you should always bring your face covering when you leave your home, it is unnecessary to wear it when walking, running, jogging, or biking alone (or with a household member). But keep it around your neck, and pull it up when you are approaching or passing other people.

Use breathable material. Use a breathable fabric, such as cotton, which is typically more comfortable in hot weather than synthetic fabrics.

Check your fit. While your face covering should fit snugly, it should not be so tight that it’s uncomfortable or makes breathing difficult. Consider using an adjustable-tie face covering, rather than one with fixed elastic straps.

Bring extras. Cloth face coverings should not be worn when they become damp or wet, which is not uncommon in hot weather. Have extra clean ones that you can put on when the original becomes less effective.

Limit how long you wear one. It is usually best to limit the amount of time you wear your face covering. They are especially important when social distancing is more challenging, such as when visiting a supermarket. You do not need one while driving alone or with members of your household.

Remember your skin. Hot weather can cause moisture to build up, irritating your skin in similar fashion to a diaper rash. Cloth face coverings tend to be less of a problem than the N95 masks used by medical workers.

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