Keeping the County Open: It Depends On Our Data

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The main determinant the State of California has set to allow counties to open and stay open is to continuously meet important readiness criteria.

This readiness criteria includes:

-Continue to build and maintain our testing capacity

-Have fewer than 25 coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents in the last 14 days, or fewer than 8% of residents testing positive over the past week

-Have enough contact tracers on hand

So how is the County of San Bernardino doing on this criteria? We’re very pleased to report that we are meeting and in some cases surpassing what we need to do.

Interim Public Health Director Corwin Porter reported today that our testing capacity is more robust than ever, with new walk-up sites launched this week (see related story below). We have tested over 57,000 at our community testing sites, with 4,914 confirmed cases. Tragically, we have lost 190 lives to this horrible pandemic, and we should never forget that our efforts past, present and future are all about stopping the loss of life due to COVID-19.

As it relates to the readiness criteria, we are currently logging 70 coronavirus cases per 100,000 County residents in the last 14 days (6.9%). If we are to maintain this trend, we must continue to respect each other’s personal space, wear face coverings in public (especially when indoors), and wash/sanitize our hands often.

On the contact tracing side, the County has now trained 329 staff that can be activated when a resident tests positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing involves calling infected patients and helping them recall everyone with whom they were in close contact during the period when they were likely infectious. The staff member then quickly notifies those individuals (“contacts”) who have been potentially exposed and advises them on steps they should take to protect themselves and others.

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