Parents with Young Children Should Check Out ‘Footsteps2Brilliance’ Smartphone App

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Parents with young children have discovered how challenging it can be to keep them occupied — let alone continuing to learn — when they can’t go to school, see their friends or even go outside to play games. They also worry that the lack of classroom time could negatively affect their kids’ educational progress.

Recognizing these challenges, Phalos Haire, Director of County Preschool Services, is strongly urging parents to take advantage of Footsteps2Brilliance®, a comprehensive early literacy app that helps children become proficient readers by third grade. The program is free for students and families across San Bernardino County.

The Footsteps2Brilliance curriculum offers a wealth of resources and contains more than 1,000 books, games, interactive books, and songs in both English and Spanish.

“The program, which we introduced here in 2017, is accessed through a simple-to-use app that works on smartphones, tablets and computers,” said Haire. “Since April 2017, the County’s young people have read the equivalent of 580,000 books and 180 million words through the program.”

He added that students using the tool just 15 minutes a day will show a seven-month gain in literacy skills, on average.

The measurable, award-winning Footsteps2Brilliance program was developed on the basis of extensive cognitive research. The Preschool Services Department joined with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, First 5 San Bernardino and Children’s Fund to offer Footsteps2Brilliance throughout San Bernardino County.

Those interested in taking advantage of this remarkable program can go to to learn more about Footsteps2Brilliance and sign up for the program.

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