Apple Valley Aware of Protest, No Curfew Issued

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– The Town of Apple Valley is aware of a planned protest at the corner of Bear Valley and Apple Valley roads on June 3. The event is legal and does not require a Town-issued permit. The Town has also not issued a curfew. Businesses that have closed and/or boarded their doors have done so on their own accord, without direction from the Town.

Like any large gathering, the Town, in coordination with Apple Valley Sheriff’s Station, will monitor the situation to ensure the safety of our residents, passers-by, properties and businesses, and protestors.

“The organizers intend to stay on the sidewalk, which does not require a permit. Despite rumor, similar recent peaceful protests, as happened in Victorville on Sunday, did not ‘turn’ violent,” said Town Manager Doug Robertson. “Hours after the peaceful protest had concluded, other persons not affiliated with the organized event attempted some violence in the same area but were largely turned away by the Sheriff’s Department. The event during the day and the actions later that night were not one in the same.”

Peaceful assembly and protest are a fundamental privilege of American liberty and they are the voice of the unheard. The Town will uphold the right for community members to petition their local government and law enforcement, their community and neighbors.

“I have lived in Apple Valley for more than sixty years and I’ve seen much progress as we strive toward racial equality and justice locally,” said Mayor Scott Nassif.  “I have received emails from residents and students asking for me and the Town’s leadership to speak on these recent issues of inequality and unrest that we’ve seen at a national level.”

The Town Council is expected to consider a resolution at its June 9 meeting condemning the recent and tragic events surrounding racial inequality and injustice that have gained national attention.

“Apple Valley welcomes and embraces individuals from all walks of life,” added Nassif. “Building an inclusive community is a message we proudly display on several of our entry signs. We must continue to listen, learn and understand one another as we strive to make a better way of life available for all our residents.”

The Town Council also invites comments via email to or by calling (760) 240-7000 ext. 7880 by noon on June 9 in time for the regularly scheduled Town Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. Due to social distancing measures, the meeting is closed to in-person attendance but can viewed online at or on Spectrum channel 186 or Frontier channel 29.

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