California’s ex-Governors Promote Use of Masks in Public Service Announcement

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Arnold Schwarzenegger and three other former California governors have joined Gov. Gavin Newsom in a video campaignpromoting use of face coverings to prevent spread of COVID-19.

The public service announcement released Monday also features Jerry Brown, Gray Davis and Pete Wilson. The message is that nobody wants to wear masks but COVID-19 is still spreading and halting it is important to keeping people safe, reopening businesses and putting people back to work.

The video follows Newsom’s recent order requiring Californians to wear masks in high-risk settings. The new mandated guidelines detail how and when face coverings must be worn by the general public when interacting with others outside the home. The new rules require face coverings when people are within buildings or businesses as workers or customers; standing in line to enter a building or business; walking through common areas like hallways, stairways, elevators and parking garages; using rideshare services (e.g. Uber or taxis); and taking public transit.

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