County Cases, Hospitalizations See Troublesome Increase

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– This week, the number of COVID-19 cases in San Bernardino County passed 10,000 and our County reported its highest one-day case increase. We’re seeing increased positivity rates and increased hospitalizations with fewer intensive care hospital beds available from previous weeks.

And like the rest of California, we’re seeing increases in cases among our younger populations. These stats have unfortunately returned our County to the state’s watch list of counties that have seen case and hospitalization increases.

Until now, San Bernardino County has done an exceptional job in flattening the curve. From what we can tell, this week’s significant case increases can be tied in part to an increase in testing, but more likely can be attributed to gatherings held over Memorial Day weekend, public protests and a general complacency with COVID during our County’s re-opening.

“In relation to these gatherings we’ve seen since Memorial Day, too many were held with relaxed precautions,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “And as a whole, we have not been regularly practicing social distancing and wearing masks. And it’s hurting us.”

Our hospitals have ICU and medical surgical beds with remaining capacity, but at the rate of growth being experienced, preparation for a surge is underway. So the time is NOW to reverse this trend, and get back to numbers that fall within acceptable levels.

“We absolutely all need to do our part – we have it within our power to make this happen,” said Corwin Porter, the County’s interim director of public health. “We know this process is long – and we can and should support each other through this. We know practicing social distancing, wearing of face coverings and handwashing helps us, but we also need to share the word to get tested.”

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