New Variances Announced – Resident-only pools may now open!

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Resident-only pools within homeowners’ associations, apartments and condominium complexes may reopen if they comply with COVID-compliant guidelines, especially in regards to avoiding large groups or parties, regularly disinfecting common surfaces such as gates, door handles, rails, tables, chairs, and drinking fountains and, most of all, not using the pools if you are sick!

Please remember, however, that pools and swimming areas open to the general public, such as those operated by the County and some cities, must remain closed until we are further along in our recovery.

With the Fourth of July on the horizon, we want everyone to know that public fireworks displays can still take place. But they can only be viewed from cars and private yards — we are not yet ready for gatherings in parks and on athletic fields.

Finally, the Health Officer today will enact a new health order allowing businesses, government agencies and other entities to require that their customers and employees wear face coverings. While the County is not requiring face coverings for everyone in the community at this time, we continue to highly encourage everyone to wear face coverings when in public and especially when entering our newly reopened businesses.

Face coverings, physical distancing and frequent hand washing are steps critical to getting our economy back on track. Medical experts and national and state guidelines have said these steps will limit the transmission of the virus between individuals.

Please, let’s be good neighbors and considerate of each other’s health and safety. Do not put a business owner or employee in the position of needing to ask you to wear a mask when entering their workplace. We thank all our businesses – and everyone who is patronizing these businesses – for being safe by following these simple safety measures.

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