Preparation Guidance Issued for Gyms, Bars, Museums, and Other Businesses and Activities

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– California will allow schools, campgrounds, RV parks, bars, gyms and other sectors to begin reopening this Friday, June 12. These are among several new businesses and activities the State Department of Public Health on Friday announced can reopen in those counties that have met certain thresholds on the number of cases, testing and preparedness.

The state on Friday issued new guidance documents for these new sectors, giving each business or activity adequate time to create reopening plans. The following are the sectors that will be allowed to reopen next Friday:

-Bars and wineries

-Family entertainment centers

-Museums, galleries and zoos

-Fitness facilities



-Satellite wagering facilities

Not included in Friday’s announcement were nail salons, tattoo studios, movie theaters, performance venues and youth sports, which are not authorized to reopen. Most of the new businesses are part of “Stage 3” on the State’s 4-Stage Reopening Plan.

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