Sunday is Flay Day

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– When colonists first fought against the British in 1775, American regiments fought under their own flags. In June 1775, the Second Continental Congress met to form the Continental Army, which fought under the first American flag. Flag Day is a celebration of the adoption of the American flag by Continental Congress in the First Flag Resolution of June 14, 1777.

Betsy Ross is credited with stitching the first American flag, but there is no historical evidence that she was the first flag seamstress.

The current 50-star flag design was created in 1958 as a class project by a Boy Scout named Robert Heft from Lancaster, Ohio. With news that Alaska and Hawaii could become states, Heft, 17, cut up his family’s 48-star flag and modified it into a 50-star flag. His unimpressed teacher gave him a B- and told him if he wanted a higher grade, to get the flag approved in Washington. So for two years Heft advocated for his design. In 1960 after the admission of Alaska and Hawaii, President Eisenhower invited Heft to the White House as his school project design became the official American flag.

Sunday is Flag Day, a day to honor the flag and reflect on America’s enduring tradition of liberty that is the longing of those around the world who yearn to breathe free.

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