County Needs to do Better Following Safety Guidelines

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– San Bernardino County, like numerous other counties throughout the state, is seeing a rapid increase in positive tests for COVID-19 — and worse, a significant expansion in hospitalizations due to the disease.

The County reported 423 new cases today, and hospitalizations continue to go up, with 461 COVID-19 positive patients in County hospitals today, which is up from 451 on Sunday, July 5. This rise in COVID-related hospital and ICU beds has seen a steady increase since June 17.

In response, last week Gov. Newsom announced new restrictions for all the counties on the state’s monitoring list, which includes San Bernardino County. These restrictions include the mandatory closure of all indoor operations restaurants; movie theaters; family entertainment centers; wineries, breweries and tasting rooms; card rooms; and zoos and museums.

The new restrictions will be in place for at least three weeks, after which the state will reevaluate the situation.

Newsom and other public health officials have largely attributed the recent spike in cases to people ignoring social distancing and mask-wearing protocols.

It is apparent that too many people have let down their guard and ignored safety guidelines that have been promoted these past few months — social distancing, face coverings, proper handwashing, and especially avoiding social gatherings. Whether it’s been visiting their favorite bars and restaurants, or celebrating birthdays and graduations, we have felt compelled to get back together with friends and extended family, not seen in weeks or months.

“We get it. We, too, wish this pandemic were over. We all wish we could go back to our pre-coronavirus lives. But it’s just too soon to ease up on our efforts,” said Chairman Curt Hagman. “We made great progress since this virus struck our County, which led to us re-opening businesses through Stage 3 these past several weeks. But we must remain vigilant and make sure we can keep our businesses open.”

We urgently need your help and cooperation. Every resident — young and old, men and women, in every community within our County — needs to do their part. That means following simple, albeit mildly annoying guidelines. These guidelines are not arbitrary; they all have one simple purpose: to prevent the spread of the virus to the extent possible and allow us to avoid further restrictions.

So, the unfortunate truth is that this year must be different. We’re still facing a serious disease that has already affected well over 12,000 people in the County, and killed 269 of our friends, families and neighbors. That’s why we’re urging all of you to do your part and take the steps necessary to keep this dreadful virus from spreading.

Avoid gatherings with people outside of your household, wash your hands often, and when in public, use face coverings and keep your distance from others. Also, take the time to make an appointment for a test.

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