How Public Transportation Agencies are Protecting Riders

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– As businesses and organizations see at least partial reopening, many County residents will look to buses and trains as their primary means of transportation. It’s important for community members to remain cautious when traveling and fortunately, Omnitrans, Mountain Transit, and Metrolink are taking steps to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

While these organizations have all instituted a variety of common precautions — such as requiring riders and drivers to wear a face covering — we wanted to share some additional measures each service is taking to try and ensure your safety.

Serving the San Bernardino Mountain communities, Mountain Transit has transitioned its services to be as contactless as possible, and they strongly recommend carrying exact change to reduce the amount of currency you touch during your transaction. In addition, high-touch areas are routinely cleaned throughout service. Prior to your next trip, the agency encourages residents to download its Mountain Transit DoubleMap app that allows community members to track their bus in real time. Many line schedules have recently been affected by low ridership, so be sure to visit the agency’s website to find up-to-date schedules.

Omnitrans’ bus network has implemented new procedures and changes to provide a safe ridership experience to residents. The agency installed Plexiglas barriers and developed contactless fare options to reduce exposure between drivers and riders. Informational signs have been posted reminding riders to practice social distancing, wear a face mask, and use the newly installed hand sanitizer stations aboard the bus. Omnitrans also routinely deep cleans the inside of all of its buses with electrostatic sprayers. These devices penetrate hard-to-reach surfaces with positively charged particles that aggressively adhere to surfaces and objects. These particles coat the surface while the sanitizing agent disinfects it. Be sure to visit the Omnitrans website for updated bus schedule changes.

Metrolink’s cross-county train service has also implemented significant safety improvements in the fight against COVID. Each car is equipped with two hand sanitizer stations, face covering signage, and social distancing reminders. In addition, nightly deep cleaning is performed with electrostatic sprayers to disinfect all high touch surfaces.

As part of Metrolink’s effort to improve its online social distancing tools, the rail system strongly recommends pre-purchasing tickets online via their website, or on their mobile app. Metrolink has also recently implemented a new social distancing tool called How Full is My Train. This web feature allows you to check the recent ridership of your train and confirm there’s adequate room for social distancing. More safety improvements can be found on the Metrolink website, along with any relevant scheduling changes that may affect your next ride.

When using any type of public transportation, it’s important to remain cautious. The Center for Disease Control website providesadditional recommendations for staying safe when using public transit and other forms of transportation.

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