Stringent Enforcement on Illegal Fireworks

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Most County cities this year will not see the traditional, city-sponsored firework celebrations. But that hasn’t stopped the use of illegal fireworks that are dangerous to people and property.

Any fireworks that explode, shoot into the air or move along the ground are termed dangerous and are illegal anywhere in California.

Possession and use of illegal fireworks like firecrackers, skyrockets, and others will result in a ticket and potential injury. With San Bernardino County facing a dangerous wildland fire season, the San Bernardino County Fire Department has increased its vigilance in enforcing state and County fireworks laws to protect public health and safety.

Fire and law enforcement agencies will conduct operations this year to stop illegal fireworks with fines up to $1,250 for the first offense with the possibility of arrest. Property owners may be cited if they allow fireworks to be possessed, stored or used on their property.

“Residents play an important role in our fireworks investigations. If you see something, say something. Call the authorities or WeTip hotline at 1-800-47-ARSON to anonymously report illegal fireworks,” said County Fire Marshal Mike Horton.

The Office of the Fire Marshal just launched an Illegal Fireworks Reporter website that allows people to report illegal fireworks online. To make an anonymous report, residents may visit Be sure to include the date, time, and specific location of the alleged activity. Any photos and videos of incidents will aid in the investigation of alleged violations. Photos and videos may be included in the submission of each report.

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