City Measure N

By Staff Reports

(Hesperia)–On November 3, 2020, Hesperia will have a Measure N on the ballot titled “Hesperia Sustaining Affordable Water Supply & Ensuring Responsible Growth Measure”. ┬áMeasure N will take place at the same time as the General Election. The Measure will ask Hesperians to decide on amending zoning laws within the City. Please view the Notice of Election below for more information. The vote requirement for the measure to pass is a majority (50% + 1) of the votes cast.

Measure N will read as follows:

“To ensure a sustainable and affordable water supply, shall the measure: (1) reducing the number of new homes from eight to three per acre, (2) reducing the number of apartments and multifamily dwellings from 25 to eight units per acre, (3) maintaining current high standards for apartment sizes, with (1) through (3) becoming operative when State law allows; and (4) limiting extensions for residential tract/parcel maps to the State law minimum, be adopted?”

For more information on Measure N, please visit the Measure webpage here

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