Achieve Peace of Mind through Repeated Testing

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– By now most county residents understand that getting tested for COVID-19 is a good idea, and can play a crucial role in protecting your health and that of others. But getting tested multiple times is even better, especially if you plan to spend any time with people outside your immediate household.

It’s an easy, cost-free way to help ensure you’re not spreading the virus to family, friends, and others with whom you come in contact.

Over the past several months, County leaders have intensely focused on slowing the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect health, save lives and enable area businesses to reopen. Much of our current emphasis is on achieving the metrics that will allow the county to move from the State’s Purple Tier into the Red Tier.

Getting to Red requires us to reduce the number of new cases while improving our overall positivity rate. It also requires the county to achieve testing numbers the State is demanding. That’s why so much of the County’s communications effort has sought to persuade residents to not only follow basic health guidelines (e.g., mask wearing and social distancing) but also to get tested.

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