Barstow: Important Changes to Trash & Sewer Billing

By Staff Reports

(Barstow)– Starting November 1, 2020 the trash and sewer billing for properties located in the City of Barstow will no longer be handled by Burrtec and will be administered by the City’s Finance Department. 


  1. I need to pay my bill dated September 1, 2020 or before, who do I pay?All bills dated September 1, 2020 or earlier are to be paid to Burrtec.
  2. I am a commercial or large multi-family property who gets billed monthly. Will my October bill be paid to the City or Burrtec?Burrtec. Monthly bills dated November or later are to be issued by the City and payable to the City.
  3. I am a residential or small multi-family property who gets billed bi-monthly. Will my November bill be paid to the City?Yes,  bi-monthly bills dated November or later are to be issued by the City and payable to the City.
  4. I have automatic bill pay setup with Burrtec, will it automatically transfer to the City when they take over?No. All customers with auto-pay or recurring payments will be required to re-sign up for the service with the City in order to protect personal customer data. There will be a Customer Self-Service (CCS) web-based portal where customers can setup their auto-pay and recurring payments. More information on CCS will be posted on this site when available.
  5. Will there be a rate increase when the City takes over? There will be no increase as a result of this change; the rates will remain as approved by City Council on August 17, 2020 via Resolution 5001-2020.
  6. What if I live in the County but I am connected to City Sewer? Will I get 2 separate bills?Yes, you will receive a bill from the City for the sewer services only and receive a separate bill from Burrtec for the trash services.
  7. I received more than one postcard for the same address, will I be billed twice for the same property?No. We’ve discovered there were a few duplicates in the data extract used for the mail-out. Please contact 760-255-5126 to report this and we will correct the mail list.
  8. Will my regular pick up schedule change? No, the established route schedule will remain the same.
  9. I need to order a roll-off bin because I’m moving or cleaning out my garage. Who do I contact?Burrtec. All roll-off bins (temporary and permanent) will be both billed and serviced by Burrtec exclusively. You can contact them at 760-256-2730 or visit 2340 W Main St to make arrangements.
  10. I am a contractor and need a trash and recycle container for my job site within the city limits, who do I contact?Contact the City of Barstow Building Department first to check on permit requirements at 760-255-5161.
    • If a permit is required, a Construction Waste Management Plan may be required and must be approved by the City of Barstow Solid Waste Department. Once approved, you can contact Burrtec to make arrangements.
    • If no permit is required, City will advise. 
  11. I need to request service (ie: bulky item pickup, extra pickup, replacement barrel, etc.) Who do I contact?Burrtec. They will remain the exclusive service provider under their franchise agreement with the City. Services will not be affected by the changes to the billing/payment process.
  12. I need to make a change to my account, who do I contact?

Please contact Burrtec until after November 1, 2020, as that is when the City expects to implement the new billing/payment system.

      13. My property is vacant, how can I request that billing be stopped or to renew my existing vacancy exemption?

A property that is vacant for at least 60 or more consecutive days is eligible for a vacancy exemption. Click here for the application and guidelines. Applications are to be submitted directly to Burrtec until November 1, 2020. Existing exemptions will not be carried over when the  City takes over. Effective November 1, 2020, all vacant properties eligible for an exemption must submit a new application to the City.

      14. I currently received a discounted rate based on my income, will I continue to receive the discount once the City takes over?

No. Customers receiving the economically disadvantaged rate must re-apply to the City and provide documentation from another utility indicating that they qualify for the CARE discount in order to   continue to receive the discount.

Should you have any additional questions about the billing transfer, please contact 760-255-5162. Updated information will be provided as it becomes available. We apologize in advance for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause. As we begin the initial stage of this transition we expect to have some bumps along the way, but are doing everything we can to ensure a smooth transition for all. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.  

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