Victorville Winter Watering Schedule is in Effect Until May

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– The City of Victorville issued a reminder that the Winter Watering Schedule is in effect for all Victorville Water customers and will continue through May. During this period, watering hours with automated sprinklers are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This schedule is in place to prevent ice hazards during the winter months. As winter approaches, evening temperatures will begin to drop. Temperatures may fall below freezing, and this can lead to hazardous ice conditions on sidewalks and streets due to water runoff.

Drip irrigation, hand watering with a hose nozzle shut off, or brief sprinkler operation to check for leaks or maintenance are permitted any time and any day of the week. Water from irrigation should be prevented from leaving the property; when this occurs, it is considered a wasteful practice. 

Customers should take added precautions and prepare early to reduce the chance of frozen or cracked pipes:

• Insulate outdoor faucets, above ground pipes, and hose bibs by using pre-formed foam covers or rags covered in tape.  
• Learn where the water shut off is in the event of a pipe break. 
• Replace the back-up battery in the irrigation timer at the same time as the smoke alarm batteries to prevent program changes during a power outage event. 
• Shut off the irrigation system by turning the dial on the timer to the OFF position when freezing temperatures, high winds or rain are forecasted.
Free home visits are available to assist customers with irrigation timer programming, call the Victorville Water Conservation Division at (866) 955-4426.

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