County Conducts Training Exercise to Evaluate, Enhance Large-Scale Vaccination Procedures

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– To ensure its ability to effectively administer resident vaccinations and accurately transmit the resulting data to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) database, the County conducted two, two-hour training and evaluation drills this past Saturday.

The evaluation exercise helped prepare more than 70 providers and staff to operate the County’s upcoming  community vaccination sites, or Medical Points of Distribution (MPODs), and involved participants from the County’s Department of Public Health, Department of Behavioral Health, and the Fire Department’s Office of Emergency Services. They were specifically designed to evaluate the following:

  • Ability of County residents to register for COVID-19 vaccinations;
  • Ability of participants to upload vaccination data to the CDPH database;
  • Ability of participants to implement the mandated 15-minute observation period; and
  • Ability to integrate a video conferencing translation platform.

Emergency Managers from the cities of Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Colton, and Loma Linda were part of the core planning team.

“As we continue to expand our vaccination program, our ability to implement it smoothly and efficiently is essential,” said Michael A. Ramirez, supervising emergency services officer for the San Bernardino County Fire Office of Emergency Services. “These simulations enable us to determine the effectiveness of our processes and identify any concerns that need to be addressed.”

County workers participated in the two MPOD sessions, which were held at the RC Sports Center in Rancho Cucamonga. The exercise included 50 individuals who were actually given the vaccine. Participants were designated a variety of roles, such as “players,” “controllers,” “simulators,” and “actors;” non-participatory roles included “evaluators” and “observers.”

The exercises were followed by a series of debriefing sessions, during which participants discussed effectiveness and potential areas of improvement. Participants were also given an opportunity to candidly discuss what they considered the strengths and weaknesses of the exercise.

“The MPOD exercises are a critical component to build our readiness and capacity to vaccinate more and more of our County residents,” said County Director of Public Health Corwin Porter. “It is especially important given we will soon be opening up more MPODs and vaccination supersites in the coming weeks.”

For more information on the County’s vaccination program, including the multi-phased allocation schedule proposed by the California Department of Public Health, please visit the vaccine page of the County COVID-19 website.

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