Residents Aged 65+ Begin to Receive Their COVID-19 Vaccinations

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Since California authorized counties to provide COVID-19 vaccines to all individuals aged 65 and over, thousands of older residents in San Bernardino County have begun to receive their first dose or have made a reservation for a future appointment.

At this time, however, all available appointment times at County Public Health sites are full and the County is advising residents that a current shortage of vaccines will delay that effort. The County hosts a registration page on its vaccine website for County sites, hospitals, and pharmacies that are administering vaccinations.

“While we are eager to focus vaccinations on older residents, we simply do not have enough doses to meet the needs of all 65 and over individuals in the county at this time,” said County Department of Health Director Corwin Porter. “We are focusing intensely on obtaining additional supplies and will move forward quickly when we receive them.”

San Bernardino has been among the state’s most adept counties in its distribution of the vaccines, having administered or allocated some 82% of the 90,400 first-round doses it has received. The County has also allocated 88% of the 62,200 second-round doses it has received.

Efforts to expand vaccination effort underway

While the County continues to vaccinate its most vulnerable individuals — namely frontline health care workers, along with staff and residents of long-term care facilities — it is also expanding operational and logistical procedures to ensure the process will proceed efficiently once the County obtains additional vaccines.

To start, there is a sign-up form on the County’s COVID-19 Vaccination website where 65 and over residents can register to receive vaccination news, including vaccination opportunities. In less than one week more than 22,000 seniors have signed up for these notifications.

Also, the County will soon announce community vaccination sites, including “super-site” events (see related story), and there are new partnerships secured and in the works with private pharmacies to distribute the vaccine, including Walgreens and Costco.

There currently are six County-run vaccination sites scheduling appointments for qualified individuals:

  • ARMC Family Health Centers in San Bernardino and Rialto
  • Hesperia Health Center
  • Ontario Health Center
  • San Bernardino Health Center
  • County Human Resources Test Center (County employees only)

There are also currently more than 10 Vons, Sav-On, Rite-Aid and Ralph’s pharmacies serving as vaccination sites as well as six hospital sites. For more information see the Vaccine Locations & Registration link on the County’s COVID-19 Vaccination site.

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