Roy’s Cafe, Gas & Motel is a First District icon

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– One of the most iconic stops in the Mojave Desert, Roy’s Cafe, Gas and Motel was built in 1938 by Amboy mayor Buster Burris. He dubbed it “the crustiest, dustiest gas stop on all of Route 66.”

Originally a successful auto parts house, the building was turned into a cafe in 1945, serving up homemade chili, Route 66 burgers (double meat and double cheese) and old-fashioned lemonade. Though it’s located far from civilization, Roy’s gained a loyal following over the years (including fans Harrison Ford and Clint Black), and its mid-century Googie sign has become a Mojave Desert icon.

In 2005, the entire town (and everything in it) was purchased by Albert Okura, a preservationist who also owns the first McDonald’s in San Bernardino. Okura hopes to restore the cafe to its former glory. In the meantime, you can sample one of the cafe’s famous recipesat home. For more information, call 760-733-1066 or visit them online.

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