Local Author Spotlight: Christine Taylor

By Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)– Welcome to our brand new Local Author Spotlight. Our High Desert and San Bernardino County communities are filled with amazingly talented authors, and we would like to help spread the word about their extraordinary literary contributions. 

For our first spotlight, we are highlighting Wrightwood’s Christine Taylor. Taylor is currently working on a series of books with the Grace from Darkness series, with the latest, The Shadow Eaters, available now on her website and Amazon Kindle. 

High Desert Daily: Tell us about yourself and your current project. 

Christine Taylor: “My current book is Christian non-fiction, but I’ll publish two more fiction books in the Grace from Darkness series this year: Olds Gods Rise and Wraith Lake. 

In Old Gods Rise, Grace and Justin travel to Germany, where they discover some alarming facts about Germany’s Thule Society. The Munich-based Thule Society was real and was a hotbed of occultism blended with the Teutonic gods. In the novel, anything can happen!”

“Wraith Lake takes Grace to one of my very favorite horror tropes: the creepy haunted lake. I don’t always scare myself when I’m writing, but I expect to do that with this book.”

High Desert Daily: How did you get started as a writer? 

Christine Taylor: “I have been a journalist and business writer for decades. As a single working mom, I got sick of leaving my little boy in daycare all day. I leveraged my IT and journalist experience to start my own copywriting practice, which let me work from home.”

“I also wanted to write a novel, which became the series’ first novel, The Crowned Serpent. That one took me about 20 years to finish. Once I wrote that one, fortunately, I got faster. Last year I wrote and published books 2 and 3 in the series: Dark Border and The Shadow Eaters.”

High Desert Daily: What are some of your influences? 

Christine Taylor: “I love horror and fantasy with great characters and flashes of humor. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, and Jim Butcher of Dresden fame.”

High Desert Daily: What would be your dream project? 

Christine Taylor: “Not so much a dream project as a dream of being a full-time author and speaker. Speaking will open back up again as we fight back COVID-19.” 

“For the books, I want to publish three books a year alternating between my novels and non-fiction. I will say that I’m planning my next novel series in Victorian England, starring a super creepy little girl in her wheelchair and her big brother, who protects her and tries to teach her right from wrong. It’s not an easy job when supernatural creatures keep trying to nose in on the action. The first novel will be out in 2022, called A Conspiracy of Princes.”

High Desert Daily: How can people learn more and follow you online?

Christine Taylor: “The best place to follow my fiction is to sign up for my creepy-yet-fun email newsletter for my fiction. You’ll see the form below my book write-ups here: http://doctorchris.org/books/. Can’t wait to see you!”

If you would like to be considered for our Local Author Spotlight, contact us via email at media@highdesertdaily.com

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