Phone Solicitors Pretending to be with the City of Victorville

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– We’ve learned that residents are receiving calls from solicitors pretending to be selling utility services for the City of Victorville.  To be clear, the City of Victorville does not proactively contact community members to sell City utility services.   Instead, members of the public interested in starting Victorville City water, sewer and sanitation service are encouraged to contact the City of Victorville directly at (760) 955-5001 or through the City’s secure web service at  Any community member who receives a solicitation for City utility services by phone, email or door-to-door are asked to contact the City of Victorville directly at (760) 955-5001 to report the incident. 

If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, please reach out to the Victorville Police Department at (760) 241-2911.

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