Disabled, High Risk Residents Do Not Need to Show Proof of Eligibility for Vaccine

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Based on new direction provided by the State, San Bernardino County have made it easier for residents whose medical condition puts them at high risk for serious illness or death from COVID-19 to get vaccinated. Such individuals will not be required to show proof of eligibility when they arrive for a vaccination appointment.

“We want to be very clear: disabled and high-risk residents will only be asked to self-attest to their eligibility; they will not be required to show documentation from a doctor or other healthcare provider,” said Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Curt Hagman. “This decision was made in order to speed the process of protecting our most vulnerable residents.”

Hagman noted that the signed attestation form, available on the County’s vaccine appointment webpage, can be reviewed in both English and Spanish.

Disabled and high-risk individuals should still begin by checking with their own health care provider, who might be able to expedite a vaccination. While some experts warned that requiring people to first receive proof of eligibility from their physician risked overwhelming medical offices with patient requests, Hagman said that was not the top concern for state or County officials.

“Our primary focus is on making sure those most vulnerable to serious illness, or even death, are able to receive a vaccine as quickly as possible,” Hagman said. “Requiring a doctor’s note could create bottlenecks, slow down the process and keep people from getting the shots they need.”

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