Food and Agriculture Workers Now Eligible for Vaccine

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The County will now accept appointments for food and agriculture workers to receive a COVID-19 vaccination shot. This sector includes grocery store workers, restaurant workers, farmworkers, food supply chain workers and others in support functions or adjacent fields. According to the State, 169,202 county residents (7.7% of the county population) are within this sector. 

Workers in the food and agricultural industries can visit the vaccination section of the County’s COVID-19 website to see about scheduling an appointment. Eligible persons should also remember that County-run vaccination sites are not the only places to receive a vaccine, so they should check with pharmacies, state-run sites and their own doctor about vaccines.

There is no cost to received the vaccine; however, in addition to a photo ID, please bring proof of employment that verifies you are a worker in the food or agriculture industry, such as a paycheck stub, badge, W-2, or letter from your employer when arriving at your appointment. An image of your pay stub or other evidence of employment on your phone is acceptable. Also, please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your appointment, and plan on the process taking up to an hour.

Food and agriculture industry: eligible worker categories

The food and agriculture industries employ a wide variety of workers, such as those supporting groceries, pharmacies, convenience stores, animal services and other retail stores that sell food or beverage products. A partial list of those eligible during this phase include:

  • Workers supporting restaurant carry-out and quick serve food operations, including food preparation, carry-out and delivery food employees
  • Food manufacturing employees and their supplier employees, including those employed in food ingredient production and processing
  • Farmers, farm and ranch workers, and agribusiness support services
  • Employees and firms supporting food, feed, and beverage distribution and ingredients used in these products, including warehouse workers, vendor-managed inventory controllers, and block chain managers
  • Workers supporting the sanitation of all food manufacturing processes and operations from wholesale to retail
  • Workers supporting the growth and distribution of plants and associated products for home gardens
  • Workers in cafeterias used to feed workers, particularly worker populations sheltered against COVID-19
  • Workers in animal diagnostic and food testing laboratories
  • Government and non-governmental organizations whose workers are essential for food assistance programs
  • Employees of companies engaged in the production, storage, transport, and distribution of chemicals, medicines (including cannabis), vaccines, and other substances used by the food and agriculture industry
  • Animal agriculture workers to include those employed in veterinary health, and those raising and processing animals for food
  • Those engaged in transportation supporting animal agricultural industries
  • Employees engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of equipment and other infrastructure necessary to agricultural production and distribution
  • Workers at animal care facilities that provide food, shelter, veterinary and/or routine care and other necessities of life for animals

While at your appointment for the first dose, you will receive a vaccination card as well as an appointment for your second dose. For considerably more detailed information on food and agriculture workers now eligible to receive a vaccination, please visit the State’s COVID-19 website.

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