New CDC Guidelines Allow Fully Vaccinated to Visit Each Other

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued its first set of recommendations that now allow people who are fully vaccinated to gather with each other without masks.

This new guidance – which is based on the latest science – includes recommendations for how and when a fully vaccinated individual can visit with other people who are fully vaccinated and with other people who are not vaccinated. CDC will update these recommendations as more people are vaccinated and additional scientific evidence becomes available.

In addition to being able to visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors (without wearing masks or staying 6 feet apart), the new guidelines also permit non-masked visits with unvaccinated people from one other household indoors if everyone in the other household is at low risk for severe disease.

This would allow, for example, grandparents to visit with their healthy grandchildren or the home of a healthy friend, without having to where a mask or staying 6 feet apart.

Someone is considered “fully vaccinated” two weeks after receiving the last required dose of vaccine. Although vaccinations are accelerating, at this point only 6.1% of San Bernardino County residents have been fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.

“While we can all be encouraged and pleased that this is a positive step, we have to also recognize that we still have some distance to go,” said County Director of Public Health Corwin Porter. “Until then, we are asking everyone to continue to wear masks, socially distance, wash their hands often, get tested, and avoid unsafe social gatherings to protect the large number of people who remain unvaccinated.”

In fact, even with a vaccine, the CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people continue to wear a mask and keep distance when in public, when visiting with unvaccinated people from multiple other households, and when around unvaccinated people who are at high risk of getting severely ill from COVID-19.

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