Take a self-guided tour of the San Andreas Fault

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– As one of the most feared rift zones in the world, the San Andreas Fault has been responsible for two of our state’s largest tremors: the 1857 Southern California quake and the famous 1906 San Francisco quake. The 650-mile-long fault stretches from the shore of Cape Mendocino and extends south to San Bernardino, branching into several smaller faults along the Cajon Pass. From Cajon, the San Andreas Fault system heads south under the Gulf of California, and is an extension of the rift that divides Baja from mainland Mexico.

The village of Wrightwood, located in the San Gabriel Mountains, has proven to be a seismic gold mine for scientific study of the fault. A large rock tower at the Big Pines Visitors Center (pictured above) marks the exact location of the San Andreas Fault’s highest elevation — 6,862 feet. Grassy Hollow Visitors Center near Wrightwood offers free walking tours of the San Andreas Fault every August, or you can go on your own self-guided tour beginning in the Cajon Pass.

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