BANDAI SPIRITS to Release Plastic Models With LIMEX (Which Contains Limestone), and Which Aim for Sustainable Resource Circulation by Reducing the Use of Petroleum-based Plastics and Contributing to a Reduction in CO2 Emissions

By Staff Reports

BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD (President: Nao Udagawa, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) plans to release the plastic models “Dinosaur Skeleton Plastic Model Tyrannosaurus” and “Dinosaur Skeleton Plastic Model Triceratops” in Fall 2021 in North America, Asia, etc. By molding some of our plastic models with LIMEX, a new material that uses limestone as its primary raw material, we can both reduce their environmental impact and make them reminiscent of real fossils of dinosaur skeletons.

These products are made of a composite of LIMEX, a new molding material created in Japan as an alternative to petroleum-derived plastics, and polystyrene, which is commonly used in plastic models. They were completed in cooperation with TBM Co., Ltd. through repeated improvements in terms of moldability and strength using injection molding machines. These are expected to be the world’s first plastic model products using LIMEX.

LIMEX contains over 50% limestone (inorganic materials such as calcium carbonate) as its primary raw material. By using limestone as the main raw material instead of conventional petroleum-derived plastics, the ratio of petroleum-derived plastic in the product has been reduced to less than 50% by weight. Furthermore, it is paintable and has a heavier weight when compared to regular polystyrene resin. By switching to LIMEX as the material for these products, we aim to achieve sustainable resource circulation, reducing our use of petroleum based plastics by over 5 tons per year and contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Going forward, BANDAI SPIRITS aims to reduce our environmental impact by using LIMEX in some of our plastic model products.

By using LIMEX for plastic models of a dinosaur skeleton that you assemble yourself, these items allow you to get a real sense of the existence of fossils from the unprecedented perspective of texture and weight. They have a dry, gypsum-like feel and matte surface with a gentle sheen. Furthermore, because they contain a lot of minerals, they feel heavier in the hand than conventional plastic. These skeleton plastic models have undergone repeated academic verification in pursuit of an authentic shape, and feature moveable joints and mouths which can be opened.

Product nameDinosaur Skeleton Plastic Model Tyrannosaurus
Price1,400 JPY
ReleasePlanned for fall 2021
SizeTotal length approx. 215mmRecommended ages15 and older
Primary materialLIMEXNo. of parts27 parts
Product nameDinosaur Skeleton Plastic Model Triceratops
Price1,400 JPY
ReleasePlanned for fall 2021
SizeTotal length approx. 160mmRecommended ages15 and older
Primary materialLIMEXNo. of parts21 parts

*These products use an entirely new material designed to be environmentally friendly, primarily by reducing plastic materials. As a result, the parts are more delicate than normal plastic.
*During assembly, some powder may come out from where the parts fit together due to the new material.
*These products are display models.


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