Vaccines Effective Against COVID-19 and Delta Variant, Vaccinations Rise Nearly 30 Percent

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– There is no doubt that vaccines in San Bernardino County are working against COVID-19 and variants of concern, including the Delta variant, with only 4 percent of cases since February 1 occurring among the fully vaccinated.

The overwhelming majority of COVID-19 cases – nearly 96 percent – are among the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, according to County’s Department of Public Health data. Out of 26,232 COVID-19 cases, 25,161 were among the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and 1,071 were among the fully vaccinated. You can view the County’s COVID-19 Data Dashboard for this and other information at

“This data proves that getting vaccinated is the best way to fight COVID-19 and protect our families and our loved ones from hospitalization and death,” said County Health Officer Michael A. Sequeira, M.D.   “Get vaccinated. Get the shot. You don’t want to have any regrets when it comes to your health or the health of your loved ones, friends and co-workers.”

Statewide, COVID-19 case rates were nearly six times higher at 20.7 per 100,000 people who were unvaccinated compared with 3.5 per 100,000 of those who are fully vaccinated. Case rates among the unvaccinated are highest among 18-to-49-year-olds and African-Americans in California, which are increasing more rapidly than any other group, according to the state Department of Public Health.

Even more of a reason to get vaccinated is the prevalence of the Delta variant, which is 100 times more contagious than all the COVID-19 variants so far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The week of Aug. 4, the Delta variant accounted for 98 percent of 127 COVID-19 cases sequenced in San Bernardino County. You can make an appointment or find a location to walk up and get a vaccine at

“The good news is that our residents are beginning to get vaccinated at a higher rate than they were two weeks ago which tells us they are listening to how serious the Delta variant is,” Dr. Sequeira said. “We have seen an increase of nearly 30 percent of vaccinations in our county.”

San Bernardino County consistently rises to the top when it comes to daily doses of vaccines administered per day in comparison to state averages in that last two weeks. State public health officials have reached out to San Bernardino County to ask for strategies and best practices on how the county is keeping its vaccination rate up. The County uses a data-driven strategy to reach our most at-risk communities and have partnered with local businesses and community-based organizations to hold vaccine drives. “From school superintendents to city leadership to hospitals to company CEOs, we are all vested in decreasing the spread of COVID-19 and improving vaccination rates,” Sequeria said. 

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