With a Virus Resurgence in Our Community, Taylion to Take all Precautionary Measures for Students to Meet Their Educational Objectives

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)–With the Delta variant present in our Adelanto/Victorville community, Taylion High Desert Academy is taking important measures to ensure each of their students’ individualized academic situations while students, families, teachers, and staff navigate together through these uncertain times.

Taylion continues to follow and stay updated on all CDC guidelines and recommendations as we look forward to the beginning of our school year on August 25.

Taylion recently announced plans to open all of its three sites for the upcoming school year, as well as continue to offer a comprehensive distance learning program, for those not ready to come back in person.

“The safety and well-being of our students, staff and families remains our top priority. We are concerned with the resurgence of the virus, but also feel our plans to protect everyone are in line with CDC and state regulations,” Taylion Founder Shannon Smith said. “We would like to assure everyone that our commitment will remain steadfast.”

Continuing our practice to make sure our students can learn, Taylion will continue to offer students packaged meals that are distributed daily to Taylion students.

Between the hours of 11am and 1:30 pm, students and their families are able to stop by the Taylion site on Hwy 395 to submit their completed school assignments and pick up lunches from school employees wearing masks and practicing social distancing. At that time, students can also obtain new assignments left by their teachers for the upcoming week. “Our resolve to keep our students and staff safe will not waiver,” said Taylion Principal, Aaron Ritter.

Taylion Academy Principal Aaron Ritter

Taylion High Desert Academy is dedicated to supporting the needs of their valued students and will continue to explore ways to assist them academically and emotionally as the months ahead unfold.

During these unprecedented times, Taylion High Desert Academy continues, undeterred, to provide support, in the form of free meals and counseling, to our student body. This while also providing individualized academic solutions for students, families, teachers, and staff.

From continuous deep cleaning of all sites, to the reorganization of assigned coursework, Taylion has also taken other steps in supporting their students.

While many of Taylion’s students are utilizing textbooks and packets, there is also the option to engage in online classes as well. For students taking these courses, THDA is aware that not all students have the devices needed to successfully complete their work.

In order to remedy these modern challenges, Taylion has begun distributing Chromebooks to students in need of these learning tools. “Our students mean a lot to us. The beginning of the new school year represents a great opportunity to keep serving these students and families, despite this pandemic,” Ritter explained.

Taylion High Desert Academy is dedicated to supporting the needs of their valued students and has also partnered with Care Solace to provide students with counseling services.

“We will continue to explore ways to assist our students academically and emotionally as the months ahead unfold. We are community-driven and look to continue to provide solutions for our student body and families,” Taylion Counselor Veronica Prado explained.

For more information on Taylion High Desert Academy, our classes and our caring staff call (760) 843-6622. Also, make sure to visit the charter school online at www.taylion.com.

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