A new source of information for the High Desert

We begin High Desert Daily with a new concept designed to serve our readers: Positive news that our community can use. Our intent with this new space for information dedicated exclusively to our High Desert is to inform and give locals a platform to express their opinions or concerns about news, or circumstances, that affect our community today.

Understanding where we have been is key to know where we are headed. In this site, we will cover news that other outlets have declared “Not newsworthy.” Our target audience will span from the stay-at-home mom or retired worker to a busy commuter who only has five minutes a day to read local news.

Our format of short articles that touch directly on the point will help us inform readers on-the-go. In this era of Blackberry’s, iPhones and iPads, our staff of seasoned reporters and writers will use short but informative articles that will serve to inform and have the reader base his/her own opinion on where we are headed.

The High Desert represents opportunity. Our diverse business community is willing and ready to create jobs and prosperity.

In my everyday dealing with business owners and managers, I have found that there is a growing positive attitude towards a responsible growth. We are all anxious to see this community grow and prosper with high paying jobs that will give way to exemplary schools, desirable neighborhoods, family quality parks and overall and better way of life.

We share that goal here and our commitment from the beginning is to give way to news that will help us proper.

With this, I positively welcome you to High Desert Daily, your new source of free news you can really use.

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