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Hiring Is Not Recruiting


By Staff Reports (DGIwire) — As a business leader, finding the perfect new hire can be difficult, even though today’s marketplace is flooded with talented individuals ranging from fresh college graduates to seasoned veterans. The process can certainly seem daunting, but…

Want Investors? Read This!


By Staff Reports (DGIwire) — Let’s say you are at the helm of a company developing a brilliant new tech gadget, a smartphone app, a revolutionary service, a brand, a new drug for one of the illnesses that plague humanity or anything…

Lovingood Backs Prime Healthcare Rescue Plan


By Staff Reports (Victor Valley)– First District Supervisor Robert A. Lovingood Monday testified before a California Attorney General’s panel in support of Dr. Prem Reddy and Prime Healthcare’s proposed purchase of six troubled hospitals around the state. Lovingood was among…